Carpet Cleaning

BB Cleaning has a strong reputation for our quality carpet cleaning.  You can take a look at our reviews and see a long list of happy customers.  We specialize in steam cleaning, and utilize both truck mount and portable units, depending on the circumstances.  This allows us to pull out more contaminants and more moisture, leaving the carpets cleaner and dryer.

Oriental Carpet Cleaning

Special care must be used on hand woven and expensive oriental carpets, such as persian rugs, afghan rungs, and hanging carpet artwork.  We will take extra care on these pieces and return them bright and clean.

Upholstery Cleaning

Antique furniture, microfiber, cotton, and synthetics, we can clean your upholstery and brighten up your room.  Food stains, ink, animal residues, and years of dirty clothes being rubbed into the furniture.  We’ve seen it all. When we are done, your furniture will smell fresh and look like new.

Top Notch Service

We strive to make every customer a happy customer.  We are a not a national chain, but a small family run business that prides ourselves in doing the job right.  We have invested a lot in making sure we have high end quality equipment that will do the job right, and using the right cleaning agents for the job.  Give us a call at (919) 948-3100, or fill out the form on the right, and we will take care of your investments the right way.