Raleigh Carpet Cleaning

BB Cleaning takes pride in the end result, a carpet clean enough to let your baby crawl on, to brighten the carpets colors, remove stains, and to free your carpet of pet, dust-mite, and other allergens.

Stain Removal

Stains happen.  Let’s face it.  Kids will be kids, and… adults will be adults!  Normal living makes stains.  But the quicker we can remove those stains, the better for the vibrancy of the carpet colors and the longer your carpet will last.

Allergen Removal

Many people suffer from allergies, such a cat dander and dust mites.  If you recently moved into a new place, and you have new allergies, try our expert carpet cleaning service to rid the carpet of the proteins, feces, and other allergen ailments that these cause.

Periodic Carpet Cleaning

Every carpet will accumulate dirt, particles, and other contaminants over time.  Home vacuum cleaners just cannot reach deep enough and pull hard enough.  It’s not just a matter of power.  It’s also a matter of using a carpet cleaning agent that will loosen the grip of the contaminant to the carpet.  It’s best to have a professional cleaning done at least once per year.  The longer contaminants are left in the carpet, the more likely they may work their way below the carpet and into the padding.  Also, the more wear and tear your carpet will face.

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