About Us

BB Cleaning is a small family owned and operated carpet cleaning business.  We believe in quality work with quality equipment.  We enjoy staying small, as it gives us the ability to take great personal care of our customers.  We have over 20 years in the cleaning industry, and enjoy making our customers happy, seeing their place shine!

Raquel Barton

I’m the owner of BB Cleaning, and proud of my business.  I have a long history of cleaning residential, housekeeping, carpet cleaning, offices, and health care facilities.  My 20 years of experience in cleaning and training others on the job has given me the confidence to meet any challenge in the field.

I enjoy living in a clean home. I have a deep understanding of the adverse health effects of living in an unclean environment, and I get real satisfaction helping others reap the benefits of living and working in a clean home or office. Cleaning for me is a gratifying and dignified work!

Brian Barton

I’m the primary carpet cleaner.  I manage our small staff and make sure every job is done right.  I’m very proud of Raquel, her philosophy in maintaining a quality business, and the service we provide our community.  I invite you to give us a call, and we will take great care of your home or work space as well!